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A Jersey born 2nd generation Italian American, Krystle Danza grew up in Monroe Township, New Jersey.  Krystle did not start performing until the age of 10, but was born with a love for nonstop talking.  Her parents love to share stories of her going missing at restaurants, only to be found two tables over charming her way into a free dessert.  She was raised in the cheer world, constantly being in the front and center until one day a voice studio opened in her town.  After she sang “Where is Love” from Oliver the world of theater opened up to the athletic Danza family.


Krystle searched for opportunities anyway she could.  She spent her after school time in drama club rehearsal, her nights at community theater rehearsals, and her Saturdays at her educational theater company Kids On Stage.  She spent any free time at home belting and dancing in her room, driving her family insane.  Finally, her family received some peace and quiet when she was accepted into the Musical Theatre program at Marymount Manhattan College and moved to NYC. 


Through Krystle's college years she found a love for Chekhov, Viewpoints, studying biographical musicals, and creating new works. She graduated in May of 2019!


Since then, Krystle has dipped her toes into the world of pageantry, currently holding the title of Miss Hudson County International. Through this process, she launched her foundation Stronger than Shame, where she promotes body acceptance, self love, and sheds light on the negative impacts of diet culture. 


Krystle is also currently Entertainment Team Lead at American Dream in East Rutherford, New Jersey. She hopes as she continues with her career to travel and experience new challenges in the performing world.  Krystle cannot wait to see the adventures that lie ahead!

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